Delivering Care at a Higher Standard with Our AAHA Accreditation

At The Village Vets, we take our responsibility for your pet’s care and well-being very seriously. To hold our practice to the highest possible standard and provide the best veterinary medicine, we commit to routine inspections by the American Animal Hospital Association to ensure we are meeting their strict quality standards. AAHA accreditation is not a requirement for all veterinary practices—it is a choice; a choice to give our patients and clients the care they deserve. Currently, fewer than 20% of veterinary practices throughout North America are accredited.

What It Takes to Be AAHA Accredited

Choosing accreditation means choosing excellence and improving virtually every aspect of our practice, from our anesthesia protocols and communication to the equipment we use and vaccines we administer. Everything we do and offer must always comply with AAHA’s more than 900 standards of quality.

These standards encompass everything, including:

  • Hygiene and sanitation within the practice
  • Surgery safety protocols and equipment
  • Anesthesia protocols
  • Record keeping and organization
  • Dentistry
  • Pain management
  • Diagnostics
  • Emergency care
  • Customer service

What This Means for You and Your Pet

At The Village Vets, we know your pet means the world to you, and vice versa. The human-animal bond deserves nurturing and support, and we strive to do that at the highest level. Our AAHA accreditation allows us to go above and beyond for you and your pet regarding their care. We want you to be wholly satisfied with their treatment and be assured that at any time, you can turn to us for guidance and outstanding service. Your pet’s safety, health, and happiness are our highest priorities.

Visit AAHA’s website to learn more about our accreditation, and why it’s important! And to see the AAHA difference for yourself, book an appointment with us today!