Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Plymouth Meeting, PA

Did you know that more than half of cats and dogs have dental disease by the time they’re 3 years old? Dental disease is one of the most prevalent diseases in pets, but it is 100% preventable. It affects not only their teeth, but in time, it can affect their systemic health. At The Village Vets in Plymouth Meeting, we put a strong emphasis on proactive, preventive dental care to help reduce the frequency of dental disease in our area’s pets. With cat and dog teeth cleaning as well as supporting you with recommendations for at-home dental care, we aim to prevent dental disease entirely.

Dog teeth cleaning in Plymouth Meeting, PA

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Pet Dental Care in Plymouth Meeting, PA: Vet Checks Dog's Teeth

Our Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning Procedures

In a cat and dog teeth cleaning procedure, our veterinarians and technicians skillfully and safely remove plaque and tartar from teeth, as well as perform a detailed assessment to monitor any progression of dental disease.

Your pet’s dental procedure includes:

  • Ultrasonic scaling to remove tartar
  • Polishing to prevent future buildup of plaque
  • Fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth
  • Surgical extractions of damaged or broken teeth, if needed (pain medication will also be provided)
  • Digital dental X-rays to assess internal damage below the gum line

We Put Your Pet’s Safety First

A teeth cleaning procedure requires general anesthesia for the safety and comfort of your pet. We approach each procedure with the same safety protocols we take for any surgery. Your pet will undergo pre-anesthetic blood work and an exam to ensure they are healthy enough for anesthesia. Additionally, during the procedure, they’ll receive an IV catheter to supply them with fluids and we’ll monitor their vitals with state-of-the-art equipment for any sign of changes that need to be addressed.

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Your Role in Your Pet’s Dental Care

You play an integral role in your pet’s dental care. In addition to ensuring they regularly visit the vet for dental check-ups, you can also do a lot at home to prevent dental disease. With daily at-home dental care, you can even increase the length of time between your pet’s professional cleaning appointments. While brushing your pet’s teeth daily is the single best way to prevent plaque and tartar build-up, we also realize it can be the most difficult.

Other dental care options we can suggest include:

  • Dental chews and treats
  • Water additives
  • Oral wipes and rinses
  • Dental toys
  • Tartar control diets

Please contact us today should you have any questions about you pet's dental health!